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These quizzes bring back a lot of memories, from when I was little. I would always buy these magazines, and my dad would get to annoyed with me because he thought they were pointless. Looking back now taking these quizzes where one of my favorite parts of the magazine. I still see them around now but lets me honest the ones that we grew up with were the best ones. For the first quiz, I got Adam from Lizzie McGuire, which makes sense, because after reading the answer it made sense, for example, his character on the show took the rap for his friends, which I do for my friends, sometimes, and they do for me. The second quiz I got Emma Watson the part “everyone looking at you as a friendly gal” I can relate, because I have been told that I have a smile that “I shouldn’t loose” by my friends. The last quiz I got Chris Brown “a soulful singer”, which I was surprised to get, but I do love music, and going to concerts.


Educational Thesis

  1. The main point of my essay is to get my audience (raped victims) to get permission to have an abortion without the government saying “no you cannot”.
  2. The purpose of my essay is to educate my audience on abortion, but focusing on the ones who get raped, and might want to get the abortion done.
  3. My audience for my essay is raped, victims.



Even though abortion some might see abortion is wrong, but it’s not a bad thing, especially if you are a raped victim because abortion should be allowed to a person based on their situation. A girl who gets raped has a right to get an abortion if she pleases because it lets them a voice of what they should do with that pregnancy.

Question: Can you tell what I am trying to say, and is my audience clear enough?




Dear to who it may concern,

I am writing this letter to you because I have a concern with the dress code policy. There are two problems one being the no hat rule. Honestly, I don’t understand this rules, because it is just a hat. If there a concern with that like if something can be hidden check the hat when you first come to school, and if there is something wrong make that kid not wear hats in class or school. There can also be a happy medium, because maybe if the teacher doesn’t mind they can wear it, or if they are in the hallway I don’t see why not. Another one which I have a problem with is the shorts rule. This rule bothers me for a couple of reasons, one being what if you are tall. For example, if you are tall like 5’9 you are mosly made out of legs. For example, I had a friend in high school who couldn’t do shorts, because she was tall, and skinny, which made it look like she as wearing nothing. Which never reached her fingertip length because she was so tall. Another example being, if you are short and curvy wearing normal short could make you look like you are wearing short shorts. For example, that is the case for me because I have curves, and when I wear shorts, because of my curves doesn’t look school operate. There were at least three times that I remember I had to changes my shorts and wear the school ugly pants because it wasn’t standard fingertip length.


Class of 2015 member


Journal #5 (last one)

Free writing I LOVE to free write because it is a great way to get all my thoughts across. (I think everyone should try it) I have done free writing for all my essay in this class, and plan to do it for this essay also, and all the other class in which I have to write. Personally, I think it is a great skill to have. For me, I am not the best writer I am good, but not great, which is normal. But a way for me to brainstorm I guess you can say is to free write as much as possible for this paper. Having done the rational helped, because getting the feedback from our teacher’s was really helpful, because she gave me questions, that I could answer in my essay. If you really think about it people don’t really know what abortion really is. The only thing that people might know is it’s a way of getting rid of an unborn child aka fetus. Now I can do that because I have all my articles, (still working on my annotation) and I get to put the pieces together. The way I think of free-write is like a puzzle, and you don’t have the picture of how it will look in the end but you have an idea, so you just gotta start somewhere. Each of my article talks a bit about what my final essay will be about which is the abortion but within rape victims. The categories that would be focused on along with the articles will be the questions, that I got in my rational. One article that I picked out was, “Safe Womanhood Is Not Safe Motherhood: Policy Implications” when looking for this article my keywords were “raped victim’s in abortion.” One reason being why I like this article is, because it just doesn’t talk about women, but young girls, one of the articles that I chose, and it talks about a 14-year-old girl who got raped and got pregnant from there it. So for someone at that young age having a child isn’t even a question. How do you expect someone to have a kid when they are a kid themselves. as

Anastasia and Stephen HW

My senior of high school was one of the best times out of all the four years I was there. From about September (August, Cross Country pre-season)  to June was the same, but along the way, something changed. For pre-season of cross country I got up at 6:00, and what at the school by 7, and practice ran for about 2 hours. Then we got a break and went to lunch. After the full practice was done, depending if we had to practice or one after it was all done I went. At that time I didn’t have my license so my friends usually have me rides home. By the time I got home, ate dinner, watched tv, and went to bed, and started the same thing over again until school started.

When the school did start in September I still got up at 6 took a shower, ate breakfast, packed my practice cloth, and uniform if we had a meet that day, and went down to take the bus to school. By the time I got to school the bell rang and I went to my first period. My senior year was really chill, and I didn’t have much going on beside the cross country, and track in the winter and spring season. That was my routine until the season was over, but of course, I got injured and twisted my ankle during my last cross country race of my senior year.

After my season ended of cross country I had to get ready for the winter season of Track, which I couldn’t do ride away because I had to take work back from my injury that I had in the fall season. From there which was November by now until June my schedule took a change of direction. My morning’s started at 5 AM I went to the gym every morning (I still do that now but it is 6 Am), did my workouts, and tried slowly to get back on track with the other kids so I could run my races. Which really did pay off, because my the end of the season I was running 6 min miles in my race, and every time kept on “shedding” my time from the last.

Track and cross country really helped me grow as a person, and made me come off my shell, I don’t know if you can tell, but I am a very quiet, well let me tell you I used to be quieter if that is even possible. But people really started to know who I was, and I became really close with my great especially my team. (I miss that part of HS) Academically it never really affected me I was always a good student, and a “goodie goodie” because I knew I wanted to be on the track field when I was done with my day. In my personal life because of the track, and cross country running (and going to the gym) became my outlet of expressing myself. Whenever I was mad, or just wanted to alone I would go for a run rain or shine. If it was raining I was at the gym, if the weather was nice I was at Kensico Dam running. I love to run it’s one of my favorites things to do, and having my music in my ears it’s the best of both worlds.

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Journal 4

Today I had my research class, and honestly, it couldn’t go more hand in hand with what I am doing in class. Pretty much this class which I recommend you take, plus I heard you have to take it your senior year anyway, might as well do it sooner rather than later. This class is really helping me a lot when it comes to the first part of this paper. So I know after spring break I hope this paper comes to me as easy as eating. For example, I need to pick five articles for this class, which makes my job way easier because for the class we need seven, (two more to go) which makes it easier to do my annotated bibliography, because I have all my articles picked during class time, and get my professor help while I am in class. Like everything that needs to be done for the class (FYP) I can do with her (my research professor), and that makes it twice as easy. She is being very helpful with what I need, and how I need to find my article. Like I mentioned before my topic is very general (abortion), so I cannot just talk about abortion, I mean I could, but I want my paper to go somewhere instead of all over the place, which somehow I do anyway. For the class I found the five articles that I need, now I need to do her work, and just use it for my FYP class. She really breaks down the database that we need to use and the keywords that you should use. Like I mentioned before finding article isn’t something easy for me, but in general this paper is talking a lot of my time, only keeping my focus on this paper, which isn’t good because I have other classes to focus on, but I can’t, because there are so many processes in order to get this paper done. In general, I don’t mind doing annotated bibliography, because they are easy, but that doesn’t mean I want to do seven of them either.

Laura, Jaya, and Ally’s HW

This might just be my favorite question to answer, but I am going to me honest with you I don’t remember much, but I will try my best. One early childhood memory that I have is moving to New York City from Montreal, Canada. This was one of the hardest things because I didn’t understand why at the time we were moving from Canada. Let’s be honest Canada is the best!!! But little did I know moving here was one of the best things my parents ever did. It was hard at first for many reasons, one being I didn’t speak English, and English was going to be my third language to learn, it wasn’t going to be easy, but I knew I could do it. Now when I talk to most people they cannot even tell the difference, which makes me really happy. Another reason, being I had to leave my family behind, which for me was not going to happen, but I had no choice I was only 7 years old. The sad part of leaving my family behind was that I was leaving my nephews behind, that’s right I became an Aunt when I was only 4 years old, and again when I was 7 years old, and instead of having an Aunt to Nephew relation we have more of a brothers and sister relation. Since my youngest nephew was the only couple of months at the time I was sad that he wouldn’t know who I was. Lastly, I was leaving behind my big brother he was and still is my world, we fight like normal siblings, but I do not know what my life would be without him in it and give me the chance to be an aunt to my nephew’s.









Brother (Arif) 



Journal #3

This week I am on a “hunt” to find articles that have to do with my topic of raped abortions victims. So far I have found four articles, but I have three more to find. The thing with me is that finding articles are hard. For example, you just don’t want an article on just abortion, because like I mentioned before it is too vague. So the one thing that I must think about when I do the search is to look up articles on raped victims because this gives me a base of what I want my paper to be about. When I found my first three articles I got help from my research teacher, but now that I looking for my own article it is getting harder to find them because you have to be really specific on what you are looking for based on your topic. The Manhattanville Libary database helped me, but when I was with my professor, but on my own, I couldn’t find the ones I wanted. My second use of the source is The New York Times because in the past I have found many articles based on topics I had. My fourth article, that I found I used keys words on google like, raped victims and abortion, and I found an article which has to do with my topic. “Privilege, Among Rape Victims Who Suffers Most From Rape and Sexual Assault in America?, which I really enjoy, because there is a section that talks about the income, and some place depending on where you live, for example, if you live in Westchester, White Plains, Chappaqua, or even Scarsdale there is a chance you have the money to get an abortion. If the tables were turned, and you lived in a less income place you might not think the same. I found out while looking up article’s that keywords are very important because they help you narrow down the search. When you type into Google, for example, you will get a lot of results, because Google is a very open search engine. So it matters how you search your topics, and what keywords you use.

Journal #2

Since I finally figured out who my audience (raped victims) will be I can now focus on the questions that I am going to look into. Like what is abortion, not everyone might know what it is. For example, I always thought that abortion was when you terminated a pregnancy, but I’m sure there is more of a defined explanation, like what is the medical term for the word abortion. Something else would be the different types of procedures depending o the pregnancy, and the term of that pregnancy. I want to find an article that has to do with what and how the abortion is done. So far the articles that I have are “Denying Abortion Revictimized Women Who Have Been Raped” or “Rape Justifies Abortion”, which are both good articles, but there is more to that in getting an abortion. In my rational, I talked about religion, and family, I also want to find articles, that have to do with the relationship of that. Family and religion play on impact because depending on what age you happen to be, for example, if you are 14 you are still considered a minor, so how does play an effect on you.  Lastly, another “problem” to a solution that I want to look up is money and abortion. I looked up on google how much it cost to get an abortion, and it’s not cheap. For example, ” the average cost for a surgical abortion at 10 weeks was $470, of which women paid $451. The average cost of the abortion pill was $490, of which women paid $483. Hospitals and physicians’ offices cost more than clinics”. Which depending on where you live, and your income can be a problem. For example, if you live in Westchester, have a good income, and need an abortion it won’t be a problem for you, but if it’s the opposite getting an abortion might not always be a solution for you, so I hope to find an article based on that topic, which I will be talking about. Lastly, I hope to find an article that has to do with religions, and family, because I think that can have a big impact on abortion especially if you happen to be raped.