Extra Credit:

These quizzes bring back a lot of memories, from when I was little. I would always buy these magazines, and my dad would get to annoyed with me because he thought they were pointless. Looking back now taking these quizzes where one of my favorite parts of the magazine. I still see them around now but lets me honest the ones that we grew up with were the best ones. For the first quiz, I got Adam from Lizzie McGuire, which makes sense, because after reading the answer it made sense, for example, his character on the show took the rap for his friends, which I do for my friends, sometimes, and they do for me. The second quiz I got Emma Watson the part “everyone looking at you as a friendly gal” I can relate, because I have been told that I have a smile that “I shouldn’t loose” by my friends. The last quiz I got Chris Brown “a soulful singer”, which I was surprised to get, but I do love music, and going to concerts.


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