Educational Thesis

  1. The main point of my essay is to get my audience (raped victims) to get permission to have an abortion without the government saying “no you cannot”.
  2. The purpose of my essay is to educate my audience on abortion, but focusing on the ones who get raped, and might want to get the abortion done.
  3. My audience for my essay is raped, victims.



Even though abortion some might see abortion is wrong, but it’s not a bad thing, especially if you are a raped victim because abortion should be allowed to a person based on their situation. A girl who gets raped has a right to get an abortion if she pleases because it lets them a voice of what they should do with that pregnancy.

Question: Can you tell what I am trying to say, and is my audience clear enough?




2 thoughts on “Educational Thesis

  1. sovirydeleon says:

    Hey Sabrina,

    I think you can write the thesis in a way that is more clear and cage. I mean you thesis is to narrow. Remember that you are writing a 10 page essay and with this thesis I feel like you can barely write 4 pages. I think you should eliminate the part where you say ” especially if you are a raped victim..” because, as I said before, you narrowing you topic. If you put the thesis more broad you can use that sentence as one of your ideas in your essay,

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  2. sovirydeleon says:

    Also, I know what you are trying to say because I know what your topic is, as my partner, but I feel like if another person reads it, he or she will have gapes in these mind. Your audience is not clear enough. You jump from raped victims to a girl. Who is that girl you are talking about? Do you mean girls in general or just a girl?


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