Dear to who it may concern,

I am writing this letter to you because I have a concern with the dress code policy. There are two problems one being the no hat rule. Honestly, I don’t understand this rules, because it is just a hat. If there a concern with that like if something can be hidden check the hat when you first come to school, and if there is something wrong make that kid not wear hats in class or school. There can also be a happy medium, because maybe if the teacher doesn’t mind they can wear it, or if they are in the hallway I don’t see why not. Another one which I have a problem with is the shorts rule. This rule bothers me for a couple of reasons, one being what if you are tall. For example, if you are tall like 5’9 you are mosly made out of legs. For example, I had a friend in high school who couldn’t do shorts, because she was tall, and skinny, which made it look like she as wearing nothing. Which never reached her fingertip length because she was so tall. Another example being, if you are short and curvy wearing normal short could make you look like you are wearing short shorts. For example, that is the case for me because I have curves, and when I wear shorts, because of my curves doesn’t look school operate. There were at least three times that I remember I had to changes my shorts and wear the school ugly pants because it wasn’t standard fingertip length.


Class of 2015 member



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