Journal #5 (last one)

Free writing I LOVE to free write because it is a great way to get all my thoughts across. (I think everyone should try it) I have done free writing for all my essay in this class, and plan to do it for this essay also, and all the other class in which I have to write. Personally, I think it is a great skill to have. For me, I am not the best writer I am good, but not great, which is normal. But a way for me to brainstorm I guess you can say is to free write as much as possible for this paper. Having done the rational helped, because getting the feedback from our teacher’s was really helpful, because she gave me questions, that I could answer in my essay. If you really think about it people don’t really know what abortion really is. The only thing that people might know is it’s a way of getting rid of an unborn child aka fetus. Now I can do that because I have all my articles, (still working on my annotation) and I get to put the pieces together. The way I think of free-write is like a puzzle, and you don’t have the picture of how it will look in the end but you have an idea, so you just gotta start somewhere. Each of my article talks a bit about what my final essay will be about which is the abortion but within rape victims. The categories that would be focused on along with the articles will be the questions, that I got in my rational. One article that I picked out was, “Safe Womanhood Is Not Safe Motherhood: Policy Implications” when looking for this article my keywords were “raped victim’s in abortion.” One reason being why I like this article is, because it just doesn’t talk about women, but young girls, one of the articles that I chose, and it talks about a 14-year-old girl who got raped and got pregnant from there it. So for someone at that young age having a child isn’t even a question. How do you expect someone to have a kid when they are a kid themselves. as


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