Journal 4

Today I had my research class, and honestly, it couldn’t go more hand in hand with what I am doing in class. Pretty much this class which I recommend you take, plus I heard you have to take it your senior year anyway, might as well do it sooner rather than later. This class is really helping me a lot when it comes to the first part of this paper. So I know after spring break I hope this paper comes to me as easy as eating. For example, I need to pick five articles for this class, which makes my job way easier because for the class we need seven, (two more to go) which makes it easier to do my annotated bibliography, because I have all my articles picked during class time, and get my professor help while I am in class. Like everything that needs to be done for the class (FYP) I can do with her (my research professor), and that makes it twice as easy. She is being very helpful with what I need, and how I need to find my article. Like I mentioned before my topic is very general (abortion), so I cannot just talk about abortion, I mean I could, but I want my paper to go somewhere instead of all over the place, which somehow I do anyway. For the class I found the five articles that I need, now I need to do her work, and just use it for my FYP class. She really breaks down the database that we need to use and the keywords that you should use. Like I mentioned before finding article isn’t something easy for me, but in general this paper is talking a lot of my time, only keeping my focus on this paper, which isn’t good because I have other classes to focus on, but I can’t, because there are so many processes in order to get this paper done. In general, I don’t mind doing annotated bibliography, because they are easy, but that doesn’t mean I want to do seven of them either.


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