Journal #3

This week I am on a “hunt” to find articles that have to do with my topic of raped abortions victims. So far I have found four articles, but I have three more to find. The thing with me is that finding articles are hard. For example, you just don’t want an article on just abortion, because like I mentioned before it is too vague. So the one thing that I must think about when I do the search is to look up articles on raped victims because this gives me a base of what I want my paper to be about. When I found my first three articles I got help from my research teacher, but now that I looking for my own article it is getting harder to find them because you have to be really specific on what you are looking for based on your topic. The Manhattanville Libary database helped me, but when I was with my professor, but on my own, I couldn’t find the ones I wanted. My second use of the source is The New York Times because in the past I have found many articles based on topics I had. My fourth article, that I found I used keys words on google like, raped victims and abortion, and I found an article which has to do with my topic. “Privilege, Among Rape Victims Who Suffers Most From Rape and Sexual Assault in America?, which I really enjoy, because there is a section that talks about the income, and some place depending on where you live, for example, if you live in Westchester, White Plains, Chappaqua, or even Scarsdale there is a chance you have the money to get an abortion. If the tables were turned, and you lived in a less income place you might not think the same. I found out while looking up article’s that keywords are very important because they help you narrow down the search. When you type into Google, for example, you will get a lot of results, because Google is a very open search engine. So it matters how you search your topics, and what keywords you use.


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