Journal #2

Since I finally figured out who my audience (raped victims) will be I can now focus on the questions that I am going to look into. Like what is abortion, not everyone might know what it is. For example, I always thought that abortion was when you terminated a pregnancy, but I’m sure there is more of a defined explanation, like what is the medical term for the word abortion. Something else would be the different types of procedures depending o the pregnancy, and the term of that pregnancy. I want to find an article that has to do with what and how the abortion is done. So far the articles that I have are “Denying Abortion Revictimized Women Who Have Been Raped” or “Rape Justifies Abortion”, which are both good articles, but there is more to that in getting an abortion. In my rational, I talked about religion, and family, I also want to find articles, that have to do with the relationship of that. Family and religion play on impact because depending on what age you happen to be, for example, if you are 14 you are still considered a minor, so how does play an effect on you.  Lastly, another “problem” to a solution that I want to look up is money and abortion. I looked up on google how much it cost to get an abortion, and it’s not cheap. For example, ” the average cost for a surgical abortion at 10 weeks was $470, of which women paid $451. The average cost of the abortion pill was $490, of which women paid $483. Hospitals and physicians’ offices cost more than clinics”. Which depending on where you live, and your income can be a problem. For example, if you live in Westchester, have a good income, and need an abortion it won’t be a problem for you, but if it’s the opposite getting an abortion might not always be a solution for you, so I hope to find an article based on that topic, which I will be talking about. Lastly, I hope to find an article that has to do with religions, and family, because I think that can have a big impact on abortion especially if you happen to be raped.


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