Research Journal Assignment #1:

Thinking back, and to the point that I am at now abortion was a good topic, and I am glad I choose this topic. When I first picked the topic I thought it was going to be easy, but boy was I wrong. Since abortion is such an open ended topic I really had to learn how to narrow it down. Which is when I started to work on the rational, which was very helpful because I still have a piece of mind about my topic. As I kept writing the rational and thinking about my topic there were things I had consider. For example, my audience who was it going to be, at first it was just abortion in general, which is too vague than I went to abortion woman, which was also too vague. By this point, I was about to give up because even though I had a good idea on what my points would be in the rational I just needed the audience. After getting feedback, and just writing I finally came up with raped victims in abortion, which isn’t too general, but there is a lot that can be spoken about. Now I have a more clear understanding of what my research paper would look like, which makes me breathe a little, but let’s be honest I won’t be able to breathe fully until this paper is OVER. I already found about four really great articles that have to do with my topic, and I am starting to put the paper together slowly even though I don’t have to write the paper until after spring break. Finally, I am lucky enough and smart to take this class called Research LIB, which is a class dedicated to researching, and your teacher is a librarian, which is great because I can alway get her help on my topic. Taking this class so far has been really helpful for so many different reasons. One example would be we have to bring two AB’s to a librarian, but since I already have her in class I can get her help on the spot.


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