George & Cristina’s Post

This survey was a really good idea. Since body shaming and body image is something that I went through personally seeing this survey really didn’t surprise me as much. One reason being I have personally used photoshopping tools like Adobe, so I know how photoshopped pictures look like. But there were three ads that kinda made me rethink how far people would go in order to change how they look. The first one affected me the most because there you see what Hollywood calls “plus size” loving the way she looks, which makes me love my body more as well, because if she can post pictures with her “flaws” aka curves why can’t I love mine. The second one was with the girl modeling the swimsuit I could tell the picture was photoshopped, but seeing actually how much it was edited made me really sad. Those “imperfection” are a part of her, so why hide them by making them look like that they never were there. This gives youngs girls the message of only being “skinny” is in, and if you have curves than loose them because that isn’t seen as “normal”. The last picture was with Madona, I mean honestly she isn’t getting any younger she knows that but in order to get the magazine across she let the people use photoshop on her pictures. Which gives a woman a bad message because we are all getting older, and getting the wrinkles well this a part of life, and it shouldn’t be hidden you can prevent them but don’t hide them like they never were there. The one that did surprise me was the car one with the Mercedes. Reason being I didn’t think cars like that are around yet, I know we are getting far with techonolgy, but I didn’t think it was that far. Overall it gives a bad message to the consumer because it’s false advertisement, which means false hope. And if celebrities do it people like us will not stop until we get those result.

Why go through the trouble of photoshop when we are told to believe to love ourselves the way we are.?


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