Vlog: Abortion


2 thoughts on “Vlog: Abortion

  1. sovirydeleon says:

    Hey Sabrina,

    You need to take into consideration that this topic is very bias topic. I’m a little confused if you are doing the negative or the positive effects of abortion. For what I understand you want to focus on a person who is pregnant and what solutions they have instead of abortion. I don’t if I’m right. So, my advice will be to on a piece of paper right negative and positive then, free write below them whatever you think goes in each category. If you have things in common for both category avoid using that point because you might contradict yourself writing it.

    If you don’t understand my comment I will be glad to explain it to you tomorrow. I hope it help 🙂



  2. cailynburgos says:

    Hey Sabrina what’s good,

    You brought up some really good points in your vlog and being that this is such a controversial topic, you did well to bring up good arguments. I’m not sure you brought up who your intended audience is either, so maybe make that a bit more clear? I feel like you have a lot of choices for your audience and depending on which you choose can determine which of the areas you stated above you would like to dig deeper in. Other than that, I think you did a great job and I’m looking forward to reading what you write!



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