Homogeneous Blog

Who wrote or said it?:

  • Amy Gilligan, Gilbert Ross, Benjamin Post, Sidney Lapstein, and Charles Davenport.
    • nursing home proprietor, serial killer.
    • Medical/Executive Director, who lost his medical license
    • nothing
    • nothing
    • prominent American eugenicist and biologist, he was one of the leaders of the American eugenics movement.
  • The author’s don’t have any qualification based on this article. (red flag)
  • Since the author’s couldn’t be found we have no way of saying what they know about the field. (red flag)
  • Since we don’t know anything on the author’s we can’t find the publication topic.


Why did the source write or say it?:

  • To inform about classical homogenous configuration for smalltalk.
  • The article is scholarly because of the data which are presented.

Where (what source) was it published?

  • Red flag because the actual article couldn’t be found.

When was it published or said?:

After 2005 because in the reference section it said Feb 2005.


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