Analyzing the article…

For this assignment my partner is Odyssey, and the article she sent me was “The Secrets to a Happy Life, From a Harvard Study” by Anahad O’Connor. To sum up the article it is about what we think is a happy life which he mentioned is “obtaining wealth and fame.” Which isn’t the case because looking at the bigger picture that always isn’t the reality. In the article the author that was Robert Waldinger who did a TedTalk about the “striking findings from long-term running project.” Since Waldinger did a TedTalk there is a chance he knows what he talking about. TedTalk is know to bring people who give knowledge about something you may have not know about. This article sets the perfect example. Yes because he did research and he used millennials and proved his point. When he could have just talked about but he gave examples which was by asking. When you do a good research it is not just about the writing but the evidence to back it up. The group who put the method to the test of “happy life” was Harvard Study Of Adult Development.  Harvard is a very well know university  so to have them put this theory to the test is very interesting to read about. This article was published with “The New York Times” I would say this is an academic source because it gives facts backing up their reasoning on how to live a healthy (happy life). I am very familiar with this publication and I don’t read the newspaper all the times, but when it comes to finding a good source New York Times is a good source. But since this article is published with New York Times makes it more “trustworthy” because most American’s read the New York times. So when you read this article you know 90% of the time what you are reading is accurate. The article was written March 23, 2016 of last year which also makes the article recent because it only was written not even a year ago. The article is a secondary source because it mentioned other theories before this one. When you have a secondary source you question what was done the first time, and add your findings after.




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  1. sabrinad10 says:

    The author of the article Anahad O’Connor is a reporter and author on the topics of health, diet, and weight loss, and he worked with New York Times since 2003. On of the topics that he mentions is health and if you want to live a “happy life” health place a big part of it. There are other topics that he wrote about that have to do with living a happy life. For example “An Unconventional Cardiologist Promotes a High-Fat Diet”.


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