Location-Based Applications: SNAPCHAT

The app that I wanted to do my blog on is Snapchat. For those who do not know Snapchat is it’s a photo sharing, instant messing, video chat, application that has become very popular over the past years. There are couple of different reasons why Snapchat is a location-based application for example, when you first make your account it ask do you want to “turn on your location” which means it will pick up services from the places that you go. For example, is you are in White Plains and you take a picture and when you save the picture in the top left and corner gives you the location of the place. Another example, would be the geo-filter which also picks up the location of the place you are at. For example, if you are in White Plains and you take a picture and scroll to the right you will get all the different types of geo-filter that the location provides. When you are in the city there is so many different types of geo-filter based on the place you happen to be from Grand Central to Central Park and they alway add more. The way it utilize location is by getting to see where you are. Because if you do not let it pick up the location it won’t give you the filter of that location you happen to be at. The way Snapchat uses urban narratives is by giving you access to the places you go. For example, when you are in the city you won’t get the same geo-location at all the same places. When you are near the Brooklyn Bridge you will get the ones that are relevant to that place. It will pick up near by ones but if you are in Time Square you won’t get them there. Using captions is something that people use in order to describe the picture in few words. Or it lets the user draw something on the picture for example, if you meet your favorite celebrity you can draw heart around their face. It also lets you use emojis which is writing but in picture form. Another thing is Bitmoji which is pretty creating yourself in cartoon form and you get to express your emotions that way.

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