Analysis: Starbucks

Starbucks ANALYSIS .png

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2 thoughts on “Analysis: Starbucks

  1. joannaoppedisano says:

    Both Starbucks Facebook and Instagram accounts include posts of warm and fuzzy seasonal advertisements that attract their customers. However, there is more of an interaction on Instagram rather than Facebook, including “red cups with snow falling.” As advertising the same features, Facebook and Instagram put out basically the same thing for their customers to see. They both overwhelmingly put out the holiday cups and new winter flavors, while updating their posts fairly often. This gives Starbucks customers an update and feel of the newest popular flavor that they/anyone could try and enjoy. This also gives the famous Starbucks more business for people who haven’t yet tried any of their flavors and soon to be new seasonal flavors, therefore, these appealing posts of decorative cups and artsy pictures will attract people all over.


  2. mselapadura says:

    Joanna, nice work. My only critique is the beginning. You started with a claim about “more interaction,” but we don’t hear about this later. Keep it to one quality, and it will make your analysis more focused.


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