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For my ideology paper I am using body image because “Taking a tea that is called “Flat Tummy Tea”won’t get you the result that you want. Young girls shouldn’t buy into this product just because celebrities are promoting the brand.” The reason I am choosing to use body image is because young girls are falling into the “trap” of thinking if they have curves, big thighs isn’t good enough because of the standards that we put on young girls. And the product of Flat Tummy Tea which is a cleansing tea that gets the waste out of your body but can harm it if you take to much of it, and because it is made out of ingredients that might not be so healthy for your body. The two articles that I am planing to use are “Why can’t we stop body shaming” by Todd Leopold and “The F Word” by Jennifer Weiner. These two articles are perfect because they each have their own view points but agree with similar ideas. And the article by Weiner shows the “scar” of what happens when you get called fat.While looking though my Instagram feed the two pictures that I found where Khole Kardashian and Jade Tablot promoting the product on their social media page. Since I found these two images and they are working because a tea can do so much and it is a celebrities job to promote things like this. So for my counter image I will be using a picture of me wearing similar outfit like a sports bra and taking a picture infront of the mirror. Because the results that I got has been mostly from the gym working my butt of and here you have these two ladies with lots of Instagram follower showing young girls it okay to take the tea because look what it did for me.



4 thoughts on “Counter Argument Blog

  1. cristinamasi says:

    Hi Sabrina,

    Since your argument is attempting to prove why the “Flat Tummy Tea” is not a healthy way for young girls to lose weight, I suggest that your counterargument focuses on showing girls that there are better ways to lose weight and stay healthy. For example, I think you should take a picture of either yourself or someone who you know that goes to the gym and maintains a healthy lifestyle to show your audience that this way is better than drinking a tea just because celebrities are constantly soliciting it. You could then describe to your readers that person’s daily workout routine and how compare the amount of weight lost through that to the amount of weight lost through the “Flat Tummy Tea.”

    Hope this helps!
    Cristina Masi


  2. merrillstephen10 says:

    Hi Sabrina!
    Something you can include are famous celebrities denouncing flat tummy tea and doctors showing the side effects or study results. Something to counter would be that Flat tummy tea has to have some sort of results otherwise why would it get the endorsements? You can also show that through a healthy diet and exercise you will have a more effective time losing weight. Good luck!


  3. angelicadardon says:

    Hi Sabrina,
    I think you did a great job! I love the idea you have in mind and you have a good argument. But, I do think it would be helpful if you included in your thesis more specifically why young girls should not buy this tea. It should involve their NVBs. What result are they not reaching? And you are saying that they are harmful then include how it is harmful in the thesis. The thesis is a general statement on what you writing about and then give specifics in the paper. I love your counter image! Overall you did a great job! I hope this helped and good luck! 🙂


  4. mselapadura says:

    Hi Sabrina. Angelica gave you a great point for your thesis. I’d incorporate that for your project. Everything else looks great. It was a smart choice to switch from flat tummy tea as your audience, to looking at the people who may buy the product. It could be hard to persuade them to take an ad saying that their tea doesn’t work.


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