My first vlog!

Hi guys So for my next paper I would like to challenge the ideology of body image. And I think a a lot of people can relate to this weather you are a young girl or an older women. And I think the brand that takes a part in this is the Flat Tummy Tea. In my opinion I think this brand stands for all the wrong reasons because it say somehow if you take a tea twice a day that it is going to give you a “fatter” stomach automatically  or that is what I thought anyway. Sad to say I took this this tea myself along with others that came out and are still coming out. But what I think I didn’t realize at the time that if I put in the amount of work at the gym I will get even better result than to take this tea. But we live in a world where specially like in society and the industry you always see women that are like tall, skinny, have no curves and that gives a bad message to those girls like “oh my god I have to look like that” or “I am not good enough” or “I am not worth it to people”. Which is completely false because I am a person that has curves, a butt, and has a breast, and I am not tall I am only 5’1 and I am considered short? Me looking at things like that finally took a toll on me and also. It is very important to show that it is okay to look the way you are because not everyone is made the same way and not everyone is going to look the same way.  And if you have those things like if you are not skinny and tall you’re not good enough. And I can personally relate to that because when I started growing up and developing I got called fat by one of my family members because I had the curves, butt and the breast and for a lot of people that is like whatever “I still look good” like doesn’t matter but for me it took a 360 I was like “oh my god I am becoming fat I have to do something about it”. So I started to take the tea and other things to help me loose the weight and it did for a while but I alway started to hit the gym two hours a day everyday and I started no to eat, or drink enough water which led me to the emergency room because I passed out not once but three times because I was taking he tea to much, I was working out to much, not eating enough not drinking enough because I thought that the way I looked a bad thing. So I guess I would say to the audience with this brand is young girls, women in general, or people trying to loose weight because this tea will get you so far but if you are not willing to put in the work at the gym, eat right, drink lots of water get the results because in the end this is just a tea that has lots of chemicals in it that just doesn’t cleanse what you want but more than that. Because it is a chemical based tea. And I would say try it but don’t just depend on it because in the end it will not get you the full result that you want. I would say hit the gym  try different remedies that are on Youtube that help you boost your metabolism but love the way you look and don’t try to change and go so extreme and end up in the hospital. Take it day by day and before you know it you will get the result that you wanted. Yes, it is going to take time but patient is the best key to loose the weight r to look the ay you want to. Nad not just take the tea and thinking “I am going to like look skinnier, have no stomach, this and that whatever. So I would say yeah!?


2 thoughts on “My first vlog!

  1. cristinamasi says:

    Hi Sabrina,

    I believe that it is most logical to use the article, “The F Word” written by Jennifer Weiner, as evidence to help strengthen you argument. The author focuses in on different experiences that have made her the woman she is today. For example, she mentions how at the age of ten, she watched her sister pick at peas and claim she was finished eating. This is an experience that shows both her sister’s outlook on body image and Weiner’s as well. These experiences have mentally damaged her from a young age, giving her every reason to dislike who she is. Unfortunately, this is a common struggle in women throughout society. If you choose to use her personal experiences as evidence, I have no doubt that your argument will be everything but weak.

    I suggest that you use the images in the article, “Why we can’t stop body shaming,” by Todd Leopold to help give a clear understanding of your counterargument in your paper. This article contains pictures and videos of women standing up to body shaming, as well as actual images of celebrities that have had their photos retouched, allowing them to look skinnier and not showing their real bodies. You should use either pictures or videos of celebrities who have experience with Flat Tummy Tea to reveal that it does in fact work, but only for them; considering it has a negative impact on women as whole.

    Cristina Masi


  2. merrillstephen10 says:

    To me the most two articles that pertain the most to your topic were mentioned in the above comment. “Why we can’t stop body shaming” by Todd Leopold and “The F Word” by Jennifer Weiner. These two articles while being the only two on body shaming also highlight some great ideas and personal accounts which you can use in your essay. In the article by Todd Leopold a psychologist from Northwester Renee Engeln gives her reasons why body shaming has become more intense. Maybe you can use this some how in a background on the evalution of body shaming and why over recent years it has grown. In regards to “The F word” this article highlights many personal acccounts of women being body shamed. You can use these personal stories to evoke pathos in the reader.
    For you counter image I also suggest you pull out an image of a famous celeberty who has either been body shamed (there are many of them in the article) or someone who has used tummy tuck tea and had no effect.The image of the model slowly eating the chip and giving the camera the middle finger stood out to me in the article “Why we can’t stop body shaming.” Maybe you can use that to evoke ethos or logos. Good luck and I hope I helped.


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