Ethos,Pathos, and Logos

The picture that I am using is from Val Chmerkovskiy Instagram account when he and his brother Maks Chmerkovskiy went on a tour called “Our Way Tour.” By posting the picture of them having their back turned towards the camera and them facing the audience shows the gratitude that they have for the support they have both gotten from from their time on Dancing With The Stars and on their own tour that was put on this summer. He says in the caption “world of gratitude to every single human being that bought ticket to our show this summer” which goes to show that he means it to all the people who are fans of these two gentle man but also the show (Dancing with the Stars) that they produced and are on currently. The picture was very affective to the targeted because it showed how much the fans means to them and if it wasn’t for us going to the shows and watching they wouldn’t be doing what they love everyday and call it a job. Dedicating this picture to not just his fans but his brother and the cast and crew where apart of this show. The author is showing that he is great full for what he gets to do everyday because he uses the words gratitude, priceless towards the audience but to everyone who thinks being different is a bad thing or it isn’t cool to be a ballroom dancer if you are a male. In the picture since they are facing the audience and holding each other’s hands shows the the “respect” of the people who came to the show and a way to show thanks. Usually if you are a performer after everyone show you give a little thank you speech and bow down to the audience because you are saying thank you. In the picture he also says “pursue their dreams fearlessly, their passion, thru love, but importantly realize that we are all different and those difference should be celebrated and embraced.” This quote proves a very good point because this show was about their journey coming from Russia to the United States and staring over with nothing. But if it was for the being different and dancing instead of doing something else they wouldn’t be where they are today. maks-and-val


2 thoughts on “Ethos,Pathos, and Logos

  1. mselapadura says:

    Sabrina, since this post isn’t specifically an ad (it’s fine that you used it, so don’t worry), we can look at it as an ad for Val himself. Val has become a celebrity, as has his brother and some of the other stars. By posting this, what is the audience made to think about him? How exactly does this affect his reputation as a celebrity? He, and the rest of the cast, will no doubt continue with other projects. Do you think this photo might have an effect on whether or not the audience will continue to support him?


    • sabrinad10 says:

      By Val posting this picture from his tour it shows that what he does isn’t taken for granted. For example he knows if it wasn’t for the support for the fan aka me and others he wouldn’t be where he is today. Which means he wouldn’t be able to say that teaching dancing or being on on television. Well he has to be a “idol” which means he cannot do anything that might make him look bad. But he is a person and he is allowed to make mistakes. But as a society we put up a standard view of what a celebrity should or shouldn’t do. The audience will support him more because it shows like mentioned before his gratitude of where is now. This might make people watch him more and watch Dancing With The Stars more after this tour. For example, I will still support him because of the person he was went I meet him both him. He really does care about everyone he meets like hugs, kisses on the cheek, and just talking. Like when I meet them and him and his brother he could tell how nervous I was and just tried talked and gave compliments to calm me down. It worked because after I was talking to him like I was talking to a old friend.


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