RT of your partner(s)

In my group there are two other people and I am starting off with hers. The purpose of her posting this I think is to show that she is going to start or might attend Manhattanville. It could also mean that maybe it was a day she came on a college tour and wanted to take a picture and just post it on her Instagram. Since I took this picture of her Instagram I think it was trying to reach her friends and followers. It could also go towards the college if she tags them on Instagram or even puts the hashtag of mville. With this picture it also affects me because I am attending the same school and if I look up the same hashtag I might find her picture there. Looking at this picture can kinda give me a look of the campus because the campus is somewhat in the background of the picture. So it my seek my interest in wanting to go visit the campus because I liked how it looked on her picture. And finally it goes to show that she will be attending and will be graduating with the class of 2020.   file

The second person in my group is her. The purpose of her posting this picture on her Facebook album was to show her memories from Prom. One of the reason why I think she included this picture was because to show of her prom dress. It could also be at her house and she is taking pre-prom picture before her friends or date even get there. This picture is put for her friends and family on Facebook so she could share her moment with them. It is also another way to never lose the picture because it will also be on her Facebook and she can alway look back on it. Prom is a very big deal I think for most high school students and I could see why she would want to post this picture on her album. I also created Albums from my two years at Prom. Finally it does relate to the purpose because it was her day and she shared it with people who are important in her life.





2 thoughts on “RT of your partner(s)

  1. angelicadardon says:

    I agree that it is so that I will never lose the photo and that was meant to share my prom day with my friends. The photo was actually taken at my best friends house while we were taking prom pictures together. I also agree that a lot of people like to share their prom pictures with others on social media because it is a big deal to high schoolers.

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  2. marissacordaro says:

    The purpose of me posting this picture was to say that I am going to be attending Manhattanville. I didn’t come on a college tour that day, it was when I put my deposit down. I agree with you on who you think the intended audience is, and I will be graduating with the class of 2020.

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