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The picture that I choose for my Instagram reflection was of my senior year in high school. This picture out of all  that was taken means so much to me and will always have a special place in my heart. The picture was taken in my senior year of high school during homecoming week and this was the finally day of the five days. Since this was going to be our last homecoming together we wanted to do something we wont forget so we deiced to have a breakfast tailgate. This started with the class of 2014 so we deiced to do it one because it can be a new tradition and its a fun way to end homecoming week which everyone looks forward to. Looking back at this moment there are so many things that I still remember as if it happened yesterday. One being I had a sprained ankle which really disliked because I was limited to do some of the activities that we had planned. Another was having our principle walk over because our music was to loud and we happened to be disturbing the neighbors. The purpose of me choosing this picture was because I miss high school and I would love to relive some of the fun moments of being a senior. I did graduated with the class of 2015 so this isn’t my first year in college. Growing up in a town as small as mine everyone knew each other and not being able to see my best friends in class was going to be a new “adventure.” Not saying college isn’t great but I am a shy person so to start over was kinda of a scary feeling for me. In fact my first year at WCC (Westchester Community College) was a great experience for me. I meet people there and some of them are my best friends now. But starting out on the first day the thoughts of not making any friends or if the professors would be rude or worse boring kinda made me nervous. But without a doubt I did well at the community college that I was in and made some really great memories. But this year I am kinda starting all over again because I am at Manhattanville with new faces and being the new person. But I am sure I will be fine and will love being Valient. And I will always be a Viking at heart. screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-6-00-59-pm


2 thoughts on “RT : IG Photo

  1. mselapadura says:

    Sabrina, great work reflecting on this photo. With this not being your first year of college, I find it surprising that you’re choosing a photo from high school rather than one of your WCC friends. Since this moment was not from this past summer, what prompted you to post a photo similar to your classmates who are entering college for the first time?


  2. sabrinad10 says:

    This picture was first posted on my Instagram when I was in high school during the week of my homecoming. The reason behind the posting the first time was because it was a group moment and it was the first picture that we took as the class of 2015. And it was a great way to end what we all look forward to in high school. Mostly if this your last homecoming you want to do things that you will look back and say “I remember that” and that is what this picture did for me. Couple of weeks ago I re-posted this picture as a throwback Thursday on Instagram because of me missing the moment that I spend in high school with my group of friends. But I think the main reason behind the posting was because of me starting a new college and being the new kid again which I know what most of the Freshman are feeling. No matter where you are in life whenever you have to be the new person in the room its a challenge but you can always over come it. And that it is okay to miss the past but to create more memories down the line.


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