Alex Reid’s Reflection….

The article written by Alex Reid talks about blogging and from there has different sub titles on blogging for example “what is a? or better, what is your blog.” Throughout the article Reid point out other more and breaks it down for us. The section where it said “what is a? or better, what is your blog” made me really interested in what Reid was saying because I have alway heard about blogs but never been into writing them but reading the article gave me a better understanding of a what is a blog. The first sentence “as a student in a first year writing course, you may not envision yourself as a writer” which I agree with because personally I am not a big fan of writing and to me writing alway meant pen, paper, and lots of essay but that alway isn’t the case like stated in Reid’s article. Blogs have taken place of that in some ways like for example, this homework we could have typed it up and handed in by printing it out instead we created a blog page to do the job. This makes it easier for not just us students but teachers because they don’t have to grade lots of paper the just need computers. Since blogging is a way of using social media because it’s where people can read what you wrote by getting your information through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter if you promote them on those pages. Blogging I think will makes thing easier for this “generation” because everything is now on computers even homework back when my parents where growing up they didn’t have all the “lucks” of techonolgy that we have today. It is also a great way to save the environment because we are not going to waste trees which will help our planet. social-media-logos.jpg


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